Potter’s First Shows

May marked my first indoor and outdoor shows! It took a lot more work and investment than I’d guessed, but they both went really well!

All set up!  @marketdayiowa
All set up! @marketdayiowa

Market Day was May 16th in downtown Des Moines. It got a lot of traffic because of the proximity to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. Bird on a Wire and Happy Lights are new patterns that were very popular!

Gold barn swallows on a power line and multicolored lights are both getting good reactions. #pottery #ceramics @marketdayiowa


Really digging my new shelves and tent @luckystarmarket
Really digging my new shelves and tent @luckystarmarket

Lucky Star Market was in Ames on May 30. It ended up being unseasonably cool for the end of May. I think the temperature was in the upper 50s for most of the morning, with ~20 MPH winds. But I had 200lbs weighing down my tent and it did not go anywhere. Notes for next time: use the sidewalls to block the wind, bring an extra sweater, and don’t count on the food vendors to have vegetarian options. (OK, I did have a delicious tempura fried mac n cheese, but that was my only option.)

My new shelves were done by Nathan Shimanek of One Feather Woodworking. You can’t tell from the photo, but the shelves have notches cut in the sides so they lock together. They were very sturdy and didn’t budge at all, even with the wind! I think I’m going to have to stain them (dark gray, maybe) because although I like the raw wood they’re pretty much the same color as the clay.

I don’t have any more shows lined up yet, but I’m applying to a bunch this fall/winter. This summer I’m going to focus on stocking up, getting into some galleries/shops, and experimenting with a couple new clay bodies!