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Summer Art Festivals/Fairs

20151010_085806 copy

The summer show season is coming up fast! I’m working as much as I can to stock up so I can bring lots of fresh pots to all the shows I have lined up this summer. I’ll continue to add fall and holiday shows to my Events page as they are confirmed.

May 14-15: Vintage & Made Fair. West Des Moines, IA

May 21: Market Day May. Des Moines, IA

June 3-5: Iowa Arts Festival. Iowa City, IA.

June 17-19: Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Minneapolis, MN.

August 5-7: Uptown Art Fair. Minneapolis, MN.

September 25: Octagon Art Festival. Ames, IA

Ceramics Monthly Tips & Tools: Enclosed Ware Rack

This fall I had the chance to write an article for Ceramics Monthly.

<Insert fan-girl squeal here.>

Sterling and James have their plans for ware decoration thwarted.
Sterling and James have their plans for ware decoration thwarted.

I feel like now my cats are famous. This is awesome. They are awesome cats.

You can read the whole thing below. Click here for the rest of the December issue (along with some really glorious content from amazing artists).

Originally published in December 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages 66-67. http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.

Holiday Art Shows 2015. Gift ALL the handmade things!

If you missed me at the Vintage & Made Fair or the Octagon Art Festival, I’ll be at 3 shows this holiday season. Until then I’ll be cloistered in studio, making as much porcelain-y goodness as I can.

Market Day Black Friday Sale. Friday, November 27th, 9AM-5PM. Capitol Square. Des Moines, IA.

Lucky Star Holiday Market. December 5-6th. Friday 6-9PM. Saturday 9AM-4PM. Prairie Moon Winery. Ames, IA.

Market Day Holiday Pop-Up. Friday, December 18th, 4-9PM. Des Moines Social Club. Des Moines, IA.

Fall Shows 2015

booth 9-27

I was at the Octagon Art Festival last weekend. What a great show! So many people walked through that now I need to order more business cards! Sales were good, too. The folks at the Octagon are terrific, so I’ll plan to be back next year.

I’ve been thinking about my show presence and booth aesthetic. My work is flexible enough to go between “art shows” and “indie craft fairs” and I want my booth to do the same. For this art show I kept things minimal: a single banner at the entrance, a little bit of greenery to highlight the work, not too much fluff. I overheard a couple people walking past and saying, “That’s what I want our house to look like!” Me too, ladies, but the cats kinda get in the way.

20150929_112019 copy

I also made new price tags for all my work. I had been using white stickers, but they reminded me too much of a garage sale. Given the price range of my work, I needed something classier. I printed up a few sheets, added some washi tape, and cut them out with a paper cutter. A single glue dot on each one is enough to secure it. I thought about going back and punching holes and using twine to attach them to the mugs and pierced vases, but the glue dot works just fine.

Vintage & Made Fair 2015I’m doing the Vintage & Made Fair in West Des Moines on October 10th and 11th. For that show I’m planning to jazz it up a little. More pendant banners will create a strong, dynamic backdrop, and if I have time I’m going to make a tablecloth that covers the whole table AND drapes to the ground on all sides.

Phoenix Gallery


You can now find my pottery at the Phoenix Gallery!

From their website:

The Phoenix Gallery, located in beautiful downtown Lawrence, Kansas, features the handmade works of local, regional and national artisans. As a locally owned business we support the arts by providing our customers with affordable handcrafted artwork from individual artists. At the Phoenix Gallery you will find a wide selection of exquisite pottery, blown glass, woodwork, textiles, jewelry, gifts and much more. With such a diverse collection of functional and decorative art pieces, the Phoenix Gallery is the perfect place to find gifts for all the special people in your life. Our knowledgeable staff is always eager to assist you in finding just the right gift for any occasion whether it is a wedding, birthday, holiday, or anniversary. Each piece will be beautifully boxed for you and an enclosure with information about the artist will accompany each gift. The Phoenix Gallery also participates in events such as Final Friday Art Walks and artist exhibitions. To find out more about these events, find Phoenix Gallery on the web, Facebook and on Twitter.

The Phoenix Gallery began over 20 years ago as a result of the talent and vision of several artists. Over the years, we have grown from a small artist cooperative to a gallery featuring over 200 artists, many of whom are local and regional. In 2011 the Phoenix Gallery moved to the Ranjbar Building located at 825 Massachusetts St., a historical art deco building with more space and lots of charm mirroring the Phoenix Gallery’s commitment to beauty. At our new location we are better able to showcase our artists’ work within a bright, spacious setting.

Next time you are in downtown Lawrence, visit us at the Phoenix Gallery!

Phoenix Gallery
825 Massachusetts
Lawrence KS 66044
(785) 843-0080
Country Club Plaza
4740 Pennsylvania Ave.
Kansas City, Mo 64112
(816) 569-2488


Domestica now carries my pottery!
Domestica now carries my pottery!

After she saw my work at Market Day I got a message from the owner of this adorable little gift shop. Domestica is a fresh boutique with handmade items from Iowa, as well as elsewhere in the country and the world. They just moved to a new location on Grand Ave (next to Raygun) in the East Village of Des Moines. I’m so excited to be included with these other awesome artists!

You can check out the shop in person at 321 East Walnut Street in Des Moines, or online.

Potter’s First Shows

May marked my first indoor and outdoor shows! It took a lot more work and investment than I’d guessed, but they both went really well!

All set up!  @marketdayiowa
All set up! @marketdayiowa

Market Day was May 16th in downtown Des Moines. It got a lot of traffic because of the proximity to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. Bird on a Wire and Happy Lights are new patterns that were very popular!

Gold barn swallows on a power line and multicolored lights are both getting good reactions. #pottery #ceramics @marketdayiowa


Really digging my new shelves and tent @luckystarmarket
Really digging my new shelves and tent @luckystarmarket

Lucky Star Market was in Ames on May 30. It ended up being unseasonably cool for the end of May. I think the temperature was in the upper 50s for most of the morning, with ~20 MPH winds. But I had 200lbs weighing down my tent and it did not go anywhere. Notes for next time: use the sidewalls to block the wind, bring an extra sweater, and don’t count on the food vendors to have vegetarian options. (OK, I did have a delicious tempura fried mac n cheese, but that was my only option.)

My new shelves were done by Nathan Shimanek of One Feather Woodworking. You can’t tell from the photo, but the shelves have notches cut in the sides so they lock together. They were very sturdy and didn’t budge at all, even with the wind! I think I’m going to have to stain them (dark gray, maybe) because although I like the raw wood they’re pretty much the same color as the clay.

I don’t have any more shows lined up yet, but I’m applying to a bunch this fall/winter. This summer I’m going to focus on stocking up, getting into some galleries/shops, and experimenting with a couple new clay bodies!

Diving in!

2015-04-01 sketchbook

This week I put in my notice at my part-time barista gig. It’s a bittersweet ending to 3+ years of [very] early mornings, [free] delicious coffee, and some [amazing] coworkers. But it seemed like the increased demands for my time (I’m also a taekwondo instructor, non-profit board member, studio assistant, and I have a personal life!) for the last several months got to be just a little too much. Being stretched so thin really put a damper on my whole well-being and attitude—something had to give. In the end, and with my spouse’s support, I decided to forgo the steady paycheck. And actually, doing ceramics full-time will probably take up more of my time, but I’ll love it more. I may be more exhausted, but less worn out.

And—mark your calendars—I have 2 shows lined up for May! Stop by and say hello if you’re in central Iowa.

Market Day is in Des Moines on May 16.

Lucky Star Market is in Ames on May 30.

New website

I’m trying to have patience with myself as I redo my website…again. I think my average time between total website overhauls is 10-11 months…so you’d think I’d have this figured out by now. Except that every 10-11 months for the last 5 years it seems like I’m ready for a totally new adventure, and need to completely rethink what I want the website to do for me, so it’s not just changing out a template or whipping up a fancy new logo.

I’m *fingers crossed* going to start selling at local art fairs this year! Applications are going out soon 🙂