Fall Shows 2015

booth 9-27

I was at the Octagon Art Festival last weekend. What a great show! So many people walked through that now I need to order more business cards! Sales were good, too. The folks at the Octagon are terrific, so I’ll plan to be back next year.

I’ve been thinking about my show presence and booth aesthetic. My work is flexible enough to go between “art shows” and “indie craft fairs” and I want my booth to do the same. For this art show I kept things minimal: a single banner at the entrance, a little bit of greenery to highlight the work, not too much fluff. I overheard a couple people walking past and saying, “That’s what I want our house to look like!” Me too, ladies, but the cats kinda get in the way.

20150929_112019 copy

I also made new price tags for all my work. I had been using white stickers, but they reminded me too much of a garage sale. Given the price range of my work, I needed something classier. I printed up a few sheets, added some washi tape, and cut them out with a paper cutter. A single glue dot on each one is enough to secure it. I thought about going back and punching holes and using twine to attach them to the mugs and pierced vases, but the glue dot works just fine.

Vintage & Made Fair 2015I’m doing the Vintage & Made Fair in West Des Moines on October 10th and 11th. For that show I’m planning to jazz it up a little. More pendant banners will create a strong, dynamic backdrop, and if I have time I’m going to make a tablecloth that covers the whole table AND drapes to the ground on all sides.