Diving in!

2015-04-01 sketchbook

This week I put in my notice at my part-time barista gig. It’s a bittersweet ending to 3+ years of [very] early mornings, [free] delicious coffee, and some [amazing] coworkers. But it seemed like the increased demands for my time (I’m also a taekwondo instructor, non-profit board member, studio assistant, and I have a personal life!) for the last several months got to be just a little too much. Being stretched so thin really put a damper on my whole well-being and attitude—something had to give. In the end, and with my spouse’s support, I decided to forgo the steady paycheck. And actually, doing ceramics full-time will probably take up more of my time, but I’ll love it more. I may be more exhausted, but less worn out.

And—mark your calendars—I have 2 shows lined up for May! Stop by and say hello if you’re in central Iowa.

Market Day is in Des Moines on May 16.

Lucky Star Market is in Ames on May 30.